We hear this all the time. You want to try CrossFit, but you think you have to get “in shape” before you start. Wrong! As intimidating as they may seem, our workouts are scalable for individuals of all ages and fitness levels. You have to start somewhere. Can’t do a pull up or push up yet? No problem. Before joining our regular classes, you’ll complete our “On Ramp” beginner program. These classes introduce the foundational movements of CrossFit and show you how to modify exercises to fit your ability. At any given class at Maxability, we may have an 18 year old hockey player and a 70 year old college professor doing the same workout side by side, applying whatever modifications are necessary for them to get it done. This is just part of what makes CrossFit so unique. Instead of looking for excuses to skip the gym, you’ll look forward to it! Check out our athlete profiles to see some of our current clients.


If you’ve been tossing around the idea of trying CrossFit, but haven’t quite come to the understanding of why you would pay $125-$200 per month, take a minute to consider a few things.

Globo Gyms: Gyms are popping up everywhere and charging next to nothing for memberships. Thousands of people are going to sign up with good intentions, but eventually fall off the gym train and stop going. Why? Because they don’t enjoy it. Many people walk into a gym and are overwhelmed and intimidated, making for quite an unpleasant experience. Bottom line is this: if you enjoy spending time at your gym and are excited about your current routine, by all means, keep it up! But since you’re reading this, that’s probably not the case. What good is a cheap gym membership if it does nothing for you?

Personal training: On the other end of the spectrum, personal training usually runs between $60-$100 PER SESSION. If you are fortunate enough to be able to afford nearly $1000 per month to exercise, and you’ve found an incredible personal trainer who motivates you and continues to change your life for the better, more power to you! However, if you’re like most of us, you’ve tried a personal training session here and there and weren’t motivated enough to keep it up, (or your checkbook wouldn’t allow it) so you returned to working out inconsistently on your own.

CROSSFIT: There is going through the motions of working out, and there is TRAINING. We are a community of coaches and athletes who know what hard work really feels like and will help push you to levels of fitness you never imagined. Looking forward to exercise, getting personal attention, staying motivated to return day after day, gaining mental and physical strength, while getting in the best shape of your life: PRICELESS. Finally, consider the other things you purchase on a monthly basis. A nice dinner for two could easily run you $100. Why not spend it on your health?