MAX: to reach one’s limit of endurance or capability; to increase or make as great as possible
ABILITY: possession of the necessary skill or power to get something done


Provide the best coaching and environment for individuals to maximize levels of athletic performance and general fitness, through constantly varied, functional movements.


Our success depends on your success.

  • Personal Attention:  Unlike other facilities, where you’re just another number or a face in a crowd, we will know your name. Our coaches will recognize your individual goals, and provide a comfortable atmosphere that you and/or your child will be excited to be a part of.
  • Customized Training:  Using the most effective methods of training, your workout will be scaled to your specific needs and ability. Your individual strengths and weaknesses will be considered in choosing an exercise plan that is right for you.
  • Motivation:  Whether in a private or group session, our Coaches recognize the best way to MOTIVATE the individual. We seek to develop a sense of accountability between client and Coach. The exciting atmosphere, coupled with the high energy level created by the enthusiasm of the Maxability team obligates our clients to perform beyond their own expectations.