Although much of our community is made up of adults who just want to stay in good shape, CrossFit offers another aspect that continues to spark the interest of current & former athletes: COMPETITION.  Whether it’s writing your score up on the whiteboard or actually participating in a CrossFit event, the competitive nature of the “sport” is very powerful and is often times what keeps people coming back for more.  “The Sport of Fitness”, as it’s currently referred to, has grown so much in the past few years that it isn’t out of the ordinary to catch the CrossFit Games being aired on ESPN.  Each summer, the fittest men and women from all over the world compete for the crown of the “Fittest on Earth.”  While only a tiny percentage of CrossFitters will ever see that level of competition, thousands of athletes around the country compete in local and regional competitions throughout the year to test their performance against fellow CrossFitters.

Many of our athletes at Maxability have competed locally in individual and team events, building a strong, supportive community that rallies around one another.  One of our head coaches, Michael Kim, qualified to compete at the 2013 & 2014 North East Regionals by placing in the top 40 in our region of over 7,000 male athletes.  Both years, more than 50 of our members made the 4-hour drive to watch the weekend long competition where the fittest athletes in the North East went head to head.  Watching one of our own compete at such a high level has inspired our community to work even harder at overcoming weaknesses and striving to get better every day.  If doing CrossFit at a competitive level is what you’re after, you’ve come to the right place.