Why Maxability?  Simply put, we are not a “gym membership.”  Our classes offer a high level of personal attention in a supportive group environment.  We provide the opportunity to challenge your personal abilities with each workout, pushing you beyond your expectations.  We participate in and support each other at events outside “the box”, such as fundraisers, 5K runs and competitions.  You will find camaraderie within our diverse COMMUNITY of people who have decided to make fitness a priority in their lives.  With each workout, your body will become healthier and stronger than it was before.  The fun atmosphere will keep you MOTIVATED and excited to see what the next day will bring.  If you take a few days off, your “CrossFit Family” won’t let you off the hook easily.  Whether your goal is weight loss, self confidence, general fitness, improved sports performance, or all of the above, you will find results at Maxability.