"Coach" Tim Lynch

About "Coach" Tim Lynch

As the owner of Maxability, I have many goals for myself, my staff, and my community that I work towards every day. I want to surround myself with good people, young and old, who want to be better, not just in the gym, but in life; a better parent, spouse, friend or family member. So much more than ...

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Robyn Lynch

About Robyn Lynch

Before I was introduced to CrossFit in early 2010, I was barely exercising. I was not a competitive athlete growing up and I had no interest in going to the gym. With a little help from Tim, I realized that my current workout regimen (or lack thereof) wasn’t going to cut it, and fitness started be...

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Michael Lanwehr

About Michael Lanwehr

Before CrossFit, my athletic career consisted of hockey in the winter, baseball in the spring and not much else in between. It wasn't until I reached high school, when hockey became my sole focus, that I began to realize the importance of 'off-ice' training. Enter Coach Tim and Maxability. Traini...

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Michael Kim

About Michael Kim

CrossFit came into my life at the perfect time and place. After my last season of playing Junior A ice hockey, I made the transition to becoming a full time CrossFit athlete. I was previously "CrossFitting" for about a year in the off season during the summer with Coach Tim. I didn't start taking Cr...

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Madeleine "Mae" Morales

About Madeleine "Mae" Morales

I began CrossFit at Maxability in June 2011 after some encouragement from Coach Lanny to give it a try. My first workout was benchmark "Cindy", and although I had to scale (modify) push ups and pull ups I finished with 14 rounds (not bad for the first time). A few days later, after getting rid of th...

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Colleen Lawrence

About Colleen Lawrence

I started hearing about CrossFit two years ago from my rugby teammates.  They used CrossFit as a way to improve their athletic ability to become stronger athletes on the field.  I noticed their bodies physically changing and their speed, endurance, and strength constantly improve. After seeing wh...

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David Pereira "DP"

About David Pereira "DP"

With barely a year of CrossFit under my belt, I knew from the first WOD in on-ramp (finding out the hard way about Tabata) that it was something that I would grow to love.  An aggressor on the football field and a technical junky on the wrestling mat, I always strived to do more. Going against th...

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Kim Lambiase

About Kim Lambiase

I started CrossFit during the summer of 2012.  A marathoner turned regular ‘globo’ gym goer I found myself a little lost, getting more and more bored (aka lazy) with the gym.  Although I was playing soccer a few days a week and experimenting with spinning, kickboxing, and P90X I was inconsiste...

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Ryan Monaghan

About Ryan Monaghan

After a year or two of Mike trying to convince me to try CrossFit, I finally caved. In May of 2012 I did my first workout and I threw up multiple times. Just ask Mike who had to pull over for me on the drive home. I didn’t go back to the gym for a while after that rough experience, but a few month...

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