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After a year or two of Mike trying to convince me to try CrossFit, I finally caved. In May of 2012 I did my first workout and I threw up multiple times. Just ask Mike who had to pull over for me on the drive home. I didn’t go back to the gym for a while after that rough experience, but a few months later, I decided to give it another shot when I wasn’t hungover. I was hooked almost immediately. I loved going to the gym and feeling like I did a sufficient amount of work unlike my previous gym routine. After a few summers and winters in between semesters, I started to take my training more seriously.

CrossFit has filled the gaps throughout my athletic career. Once I started training at Maxability, I noticed a huge difference in my performance and overall conditioning while playing baseball at William Paterson University. I got better every day by stepping through Maxability’s doors.

Although a back injury has slowed down some aspects of my training, I still get a great workout by modifying movements I’m not able to do. That’s the beauty of CrossFit. All of the coaches at Maxability do a great job of understanding that not every member is capable of the same things and they are happy to provide ways to modify or scale a workout to ensure that each individual is getting the most out of that one hour at the gym.

One of the best things about coaching is how rewarding it is. I love to see our newer members have a breakthrough on a lift, or finally start to understand the terms or lingo us CrossFitters use without a second thought. There’s nothing better than watching members push each other through a tough WOD and work outside of their comfort zones.

It’s very important to me that I understand that there is always room for growth as an athlete, coach, and person. Being around the coaches and our members helps me develop in all of these different areas. As I continue to learn from what I feel are some of the best coaches around, I’m excited to share that knowledge with our members and have some fun along the way. And play ping pong.

Favorite Movements: Muscle Ups, Front Squats, Squat Cleans

Least Favorite Movements: KBS, Shoulder to Overhead, Deadlifts

Favorite WOD: 13.3

Least Favorite WOD: The Seven

Most Memorable Moment: Getting my first muscle up on my second attempt, and everyone forgetting about it because Mae got her first muscle up 15 seconds later.

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