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Before CrossFit, my athletic career consisted of hockey in the winter, baseball in the spring and not much else in between. It wasn’t until I reached high school, when hockey became my sole focus, that I began to realize the importance of ‘off-ice’ training. Enter Coach Tim and Maxability.

Training at Maxability initially began as a mandatory part of my hockey season. But I quickly realized the value such training had, not only for my athletic career, but my overall fitness. I became obsessed with CrossFit and the culture that encompassed it.

When I graduated high school and moved on to college in Boston, I continued CrossFit on my own at my University’s gym. I was “that guy.” The guy breathing heavy in the corner, sweating all over the place, running from movement to movement like I owned the place. Eventually, I continued my CF career at CrossFit Boston while returning home to train at Maxability during the summer.

After college, I began working at Maxability full time. If you had told me prior to college that I would be working as a trainer after college, I would have never believed you – and neither would my parents! But being a coach at Maxability is one of the most fulfilling things I’ve ever done in my life. CrossFit is no longer my passion. It’s who I am.

My everyday goal is to create an environment people enjoy working in as they continue their journey towards a healthier lifestyle. But here is the hard truth: ‘to be fit’ is an unobtainable goal – I think even Mr. Froning would attest to that – the finish line jumps ahead at the same rate you’re trying to catch it. It’s a lifelong journey. My goal is to help close that gap and have some fun while doing it.


CrossFit L1 Trainer
CrossFit Competitor’s Course
CrossFit Olympic Lifting
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