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I began CrossFit at Maxability in June 2011 after some encouragement from Coach Lanny to give it a try. My first workout was benchmark “Cindy”, and although I had to scale (modify) push ups and pull ups I finished with 14 rounds (not bad for the first time). A few days later, after getting rid of the soreness with yet another workout, I found myself excited for the gym, wanting to try new things. Since then, I have set and accomplished goals (not only fitness but in everyday life) I didn’t know I could achieve. From getting multiple pull-ups in a row to picking up 200lbs, I wouldn’t have imagined it in a million years! Another great aspect of being in this CrossFit community at Maxability is that I have the awesome opportunity of assisting in teaching and encouraging people to explore their own capabilities and strengths. The best part of this CrossFit journey is having my Dad, two sisters, cousins, and Aunt at the gym too! Who doesn’t love a little family competition? I hope that soon enough that I can add onto the family list (talking to you, Mom!)


Favorite Movements: Double Unders, deadlifts, and toes to bar

Least Favorite Movements: Wall balls, rowing, and running

Most Memorable moment: Being a part of the 2013 NorthEast Regionals with so many of our members to cheer on Coach M.K.!


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