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With barely a year of CrossFit under my belt, I knew from the first WOD in on-ramp (finding out the hard way about Tabata) that it was something that I would grow to love.  An aggressor on the football field and a technical junky on the wrestling mat, I always strived to do more. Going against the norm, after high school I enlisted in the NAVY with the same pursuit, to do more and become a better person. The five years I’ve been in the military have challenged me mentally and physically, that of which I thrived off of in athletics. What I love most about being in the military is the level of camaraderie. Faced with adversity, deploying overseas to austere environments and grueling conditions, I held myself accountable to always be that person to uplift and motivate the people around me, knowing that we’re all going through the same hardship.

That’s where the Maxability family comes in. The WOD’s, short or long, are physically and mentally exhausting, and often times you really want to question Coach’s sanity. They challenge you to become a better person than you were the day before and to walk out a stronger person than you walked in. When that buzzer sounds we are all facing the same hardships. The level of camaraderie and togetherness we experience as a box makes it that much easier to motivate people from all levels of fitness through the daunting and sometimes miserable WOD’s. Being a coach at Maxability, I have the best of all worlds, the constant mental and physical challenges day in and day out, exuding aggression to ‘Get It DONE’, all the while motivating people to become that better person they strive to be. All these components make me want to be better. My level of dedication is fueled by each person at the box because I know at the sound of 3, 2, 1..GO!  they’re going to give it 110% and I owe it to them to do the same. This creates a contagious atmosphere that is riddled with motivation, and I wouldn’t want it any other way. It is a humbling experience to watch someone get excited about their progress knowing I played a small role in their success, and at the end of the day, it makes each grueling WOD that much more worth it.

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