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I started hearing about CrossFit two years ago from my rugby teammates.  They used CrossFit as a way to improve their athletic ability to become stronger athletes on the field.  I noticed their bodies physically changing and their speed, endurance, and strength constantly improve. After seeing what CrossFit could do to change someone both mentally and physically, I knew it was something I had to try.  I finally succumbed to what I thought was “drinking the kool-aid” by signing up for On Ramp classes at Maxability in October of 2012.

Athletics have always been a big part of my life.  Growing up I always did sports; either soccer or softball and later on in high school focusing on track and cross-country.  My athletic career went into a different direction when I hit college and I joined rugby, a very high intensity contact sport that I played for about 9 years. Team camaraderie was the main focus of why I enjoyed the sport so much.  I was fortunate and thrilled to see this environment replicated when I joined Maxability.  During my On Ramp classes I noticed the bonds I was forming with complete strangers.  Maxability not only offered intense challenging workouts daily, but also provided a community of people who shared the same interest.  Although most CrossFit WODs are done individually, I was still able to find the same friendships and camaraderie that I had in rugby.  The atmosphere is like no other, from the moment I start a WOD, to finishing and cheering on my fellow CrossFitters. I will admit having major goosebumps because of the intensity that I see in workouts. I see people push themselves beyond what they thought was possible and succeed!  This feeling helped me find a second family where I wanted to spend all my spare time to stay late so I could cheer them on.

Before I knew it, Tim pulled me aside and gave me an opportunity to intern as a coach.  He saw my enthusiasm for this sport, my willingness to be coached on my weaknesses, ability to motivate others and apply what I learn in order to teach others.  Plus he joked that he might as well put me to work since I am always there.  The best part about this is that a month into CrossFit, I told my friend from On Ramp that I wanted to coach and get my Level 1 certificate some day.  To have Tim see that in me without expressing my desire to achieve that goal is pretty awesome.  I am grateful for this opportunity to do something I love.

All in all, Maxability coaches and members make me want to be a better athlete every day.  I am constantly driven to learn, improve, and use my competitiveness to achieve my next goal.  I am excited to coach others and help them achieve their own goals.


CrossFit L1 Trainer
Crossfit Strongman

Favorite movements:

Rowing, Wallballs, Deadlifts, Back Squats

Least Favorite movements:

Burpees, Pull-ups, Grasshoppers

Most memorable moments:

Walking into Maxability I was not able to do a pull-up, after 8 months I was able to Rx “Helen”.

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