Written by: Robyn Lynch

Date posted: May 30, 2018

Starting June 1, 2018


The 60 minute WOD “workout of the day” that we’ve always offered. Exercises include but are not limited to: Bodyweight, Gymnastics, Olympic Lifting, Power Lifting, Strength Training (Foundations required)

MAX45 (Intermediate)

A 45 minute class offering a strength component followed by high intensity training. (No Foundations required)

MAX30 (All Levels/Beginner Friendly)

A 30 minute class incorporating functional bodyweight movements and light/moderate loads.  (No Foundations required)

In addition to our new class schedule, our monthly rates are changing as of June 17, 2018.  All members who are active prior to this date will be “grandfathered in” at their current rate.

Foundations – $150 NEW

New members (with no prior experience) who want to attend MAXCF classes must complete Foundations.


1 initial trial class to get a taste of what you can expect and the opportunity for Coaches to evaluate and determine the best plan for you

Consultation to discuss goals, tour the gym, and schedule the layout for your first two weeks of attendance

2 Private 60 Minutes Sessions

2 weeks of access to our daily classes at times that work best for you

Membership Options

Choose from any of our classes – MAXCF, MAX45, MAX30 & Open Gym (also includes ROM WOD & MOBILITY WOD)

Unlimited (formerly Unlimited Plus) – $225/month or $2500 1 year PIF plus one time buy-in fee of $200

*Regular attendance of our scheduled classes is expected.


Access to the gym any hour we are open + option to attend more than 1 class per day

Competitors programming with training options for focusing on Conditioning, Strength, or Gymnastics

Daily (formerly Unlimited) – $200/month or $2,200 1 year PIF (1 class per day)

15-Pack – $175/month (recurring)

10-Pack – $150/month (recurring)

Drop in – $25/class (must have minimum of 3 months experience for MAXCF & MAX45)

*15-Pack and 10-Pack classes don’t carry over to the next month

Choose from any of our MAX30 classes.

Unlimited – $125/month

20-pack – $250 (expires in 3 months)

*MAX30 classes only

Please spread the word to your friends and family and encourage them to give it a try.  We’re offering a 2-week trial of unlimited MAX30 & MAX45 classes that can only be purchased by our members.

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