Written by: Robyn Lynch

Date posted: April 9, 2018


The 60 minute WOD “workout of the day” that we’ve always offered. Exercises include but are not limited to: Bodyweight, Gymnastics, Olympic Lifting, Power Lifting, Strength Training (Foundations required)

MAX45 (Intermediate)

A 45 minute class offering a strength component followed by high intensity training. (No Foundations required)

MAX30 (All Levels/Beginner Friendly)

A 30 minute class incorporating functional bodyweight movements and light/moderate loads.  (No Foundations required)

Membership Options

1 Month of Foundations – $150 (at specific class times)

New members (with no prior experience) who want to attend MAXCF classes must complete Foundations.

Choose from any of our classes – MAXCF, MAX45, MAX30 & Open Gym (also includes ROM WOD & MOBILITY WOD)

Daily – $200/month or $2,200 1 year PIF (1 class per day)

15-Pack – $175/month (recurring)

10-Pack – $150/month (recurring)

Drop in – $25/class (must have minimum of 3 months experience for MAXCF & MAX45)

*15-Pack and 10-Pack classes don’t carry over to the next month

Unlimited (formerly Unlimited Plus) – $225/month or $2500 1 year PIF plus one time buy-in fee of $200

*Regular attendance of our scheduled classes is expected.


Access to the gym any hour we are open + option to attend more than 1 class per day

Competitors programming with training options for focusing on Conditioning, Strength, or Gymnastics

Choose from any of our MAX30 classes.

Unlimited – $125/month

20-pack – $250 (expires in 3 months)

*MAX30 classes only

Please spread the word to your friends and family and encourage them to give it a try.  We’re offering a 2-week trial of unlimited MAX30 & MAX45 classes that can only be purchased by our members.

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