WOD For: Thursday, January 04, 2018

Update – We will remain closed for the rest of the night.  Stay safe everyone!

In case you’ve never heard it, in CrossFit lingo, a “goat” is a movement one has weakness with.  Today we’re going to set the clock for a 20 min. EMOM for you to work on the goats of your choice.  Keep in mind that Friday’s WOD will be a Fran-style ladder.


You have muscle ups but you want to work on them under fatigue.

Odd – 2 rounds: 3 burpees + 1 MU

Even – GHD Serpents

You want to work on DU but don’t want to do 10 minutes of whipping yourself.

Min. 1 – Airdyne

Min. 2 – Banded GM

Min. 3 – DU

Min. 4 – Abwheel Roll outs

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