Written by: Robyn Lynch

Date posted: July 20, 2016

Video by: Sasha Preziosa

AGE: 32

MATURITY: 19, maybe less

START DATE: October 2015

WOD TIME: Lately 6pm, but varies based on my schedule

PROFESSION: Public accounting (Trust & Estate tax, yes I know I’m super cool)

WHY DID YOU JOIN CROSSFIT: I lost a lot of weight before starting CF, but I had become bored of just being on a diet and had started putting the weight back on. I decided that I needed to exercise but there was no way I was going to any gym (see athletic background below) where I would be on my own. I literally had no idea how to “do” exercise. My co-worker, Mae, had been preaching CrossFit at work so I thought I would give it a try. I like extreme things (in the past it was extreme eating and other things which I’ve signed a non-disclosure agreement for, so sorry for the lack of details) and all I knew about CrossFit was that it was extreme. I figured I’d do it for a few weeks and then quit.

WHAT WERE YOUR INITIAL GOALS: Initial goal was to lose weight, say I did CF (whatever that was) and then peace out.

HAVE GOALS CHANGED SINCE YOU FIRST STARTED: Yes, my goals changed after about a month, but changed again more recently, a few months ago. I had been on hiatus during the last month of tax season and when I came back I decided that I really wanted to commit myself to learning the ways of CF (learn the ways of CrossFit I will), getting healthier and stronger, and eating well. Since then my energy has picked up and I’ve dropped 15 pounds.

ATHLETIC BACKGROUND: Nothing. The last time I ran anywhere was when I was 10. Until now my athleticism consisted of my ability to dance for hours straight at Phish shows.

EXPECTATIONS ABOUT CROSSFIT BEFORE JOINING: I didn’t really know anything about it. I knew a couple of people who were CrossFitting but usually just tuned them out when they told me about it. When I decided to start, my friends and family became experts on how I would permanently harm my body or how I had no chance of lasting more than a week. One person keeps telling me to check my pee but I’m not sure why. I thought it would be difficult but never realized how rewarding it would be.

BREAKTHROUGHS WITH LIFTS/SKILLS: I’m starting to see improvements with all the movements but I’m especially proud of being able to do toes to bar and multiple push ups because when I started I couldn’t even do one. My endurance has also increased so I’m able to work through entire WODs now.

WHY MAXABILITY AND WHY DO YOU COME BACK EVERY DAY: Don’t get me started, haha. My favorite part is definitely the amazing feeling of accomplishment I get after finishing a workout. The coaches keep me coming back. It feels great putting in the hard work when you know there are people cheering you on and believing in you.

SHORT TERM GOALS: Finishing workouts on a daily basis

LONG TERM GOALS: Double unders, pull ups

FAVORITE MOVEMENTS: Scap pushups, burpees (the part when you’re laying down on the floor) and kettle bell swings

LEAST FAVORITE MOVEMENTS: Snatch, any complicated lifts – I end up spending a lot of time on the mechanics and then fall behind in the workout


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