Written by: Robyn Lynch

Date posted: July 18, 2016

Video by: Sasha Preziosa
AGE: 46
START DATE: November 2015
PROFESSION: Mom/Pilates Instructor
ATHLETIC BACKGROUND: Basketball and track teams in high school and Pilates.
PILATES BACKGROUND & CF: Pilates is a benefit for all CrossFitters. The Pilates movements stem from the center of the body. Core stabilization is key to all CrossFit movements.
FITNESS NOW COMPARED TO 20 YEARS AGO: I am stronger and working out and keeping up with people younger than me sometimes by 20 years makes me realize that age is just a number. At 46, I am physically stronger. I am able to push and pull weight that I wasn’t able to 20 years ago. CrossFit has also made me mentally tough to push through the uncomfortable, fear, weaknesses, to be confident and to not give up. I have learned to never say “can’t” because I have surprised myself at what I have been able to accomplish.
ACCOMPLISHMENTS THUS FAR: When I heard of CrossFit, I was very intrigued by the combination of strength and endurance. I started 3 years ago going to a box 3 times a week. As I became comfortable with the box, members and movements, I also gained confidence and wanted to challenge myself. My goal back then was to do an unassisted pull up. Completing that goal gave me such a rush I immediately set my next goal of DUs. Each time I have conquered a challenge, I set a new goal.
WHY MAXABILITY: First, everyone is extremely welcoming. But aside from that, I enjoy coming to Maxability because the WODs test my abilities. Sometimes I rock the workout, other times I am humbled. Either way, I feel great when I leave because everyone at the box motivated and supported me throughout the workout. The coaching staff is always helping me improve my movements and reach my goals. I love CrossFit for the community. It is a place where I am supported, motivated and encouraged, especially when I am struggling.
FILL IN THE BLANK: Come for the fitness, stay for the: Torture!
SHORT TERM GOAL: Continue to challenge myself and conquer new goals.
LONG TERM GOAL: Stay healthy, strong, agile and to inspire my family. One day, I want to make it to the Games.
FAVORITE MOVEMENTS: Double Unders and Burpees

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