Written by: Robyn Lynch

Date posted: June 8, 2016

Video by: Sasha Preziosa

AGE: 27

START DATE: April 2014



COMING BACK FROM SHOULDER INJURY: Coming back from my shoulder injury was difficult. In short, being injured is the absolute worst. At first I tried to take some time off but Tim convinced me to stay and I’m so thankful he did. It was a long, slow, road to recovery but the coaches modified the workouts so I was still able come in and workout with the rest of the classes. It was frustrating not to be able to do everything but I quickly realized it was better than doing nothing. When I started to lift again, specifically with the Snatch movement, I was using a 6 pound weight and gradually worked my way up to a normal bar. It’s crazy to reflect back and see my progress; I’ve come a really long way since then. The crossover symmetry is my favorite addition to the gym; I use it in my warm-up before every class and my shoulder’s been feeling great.

IRONMAN AND CROSSFIT: I am signed up to do Ironman Maryland on October 1st of this year (2.4 Mile swim, 112 Mile Bike and 26.2 Mile Run). I am a big believer in CrossFit Endurance and have seen improvements in all three areas since joining CrossFit. Right now CrossFit is about 50% of my training, so I am really depending on it. I did a half Ironman last September where CrossFit was the bulk of my training and I was able to complete it. I also find comfort in the fact that Lanny has already semi-tested this theory with his marathon and was successful.

HAVE YOU TRIED CROSSFIT-RELATED ACTIVITIES AT SCHOOL? Yes! Mostly with the students that I coach. If we do a workout in the morning that I absolutely love, my students are doing a modified version of that workout at practice that afternoon. It’s a style that they have never seen before and it keeps it different and interesting and they love it. They constantly compare it to other practices (wrestling, football, soccer) and they always say it’s the toughest. It definitely draws attention to our team when we are working out in the weight room but they are always smiling after. I’ve even seen my kids brag about it after practices.

FAVORITE MOVEMENTS: I love a good Cardio day but Power Cleans are my favorite movement.


SHORT-TERM GOALS: I want to string my TTB together. Just two, nothing crazy…IS THAT SO MUCH TO ASK???

LONG-TERM GOALS: I tend to sacrifice my CrossFit workouts to make sure I can get my cardio training in. If I know I have to run ten miles after work or bike for a couple hours I won’t RX a workout or I’ll just pace myself through it. I would be interested to see how competitive I could be if I concentrated on just CrossFit for a couple months. Maybe going into the next Open I will make that a goal.

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