Written by: Robyn Lynch

Date posted: May 25, 2016

AGE: 37

START DATE: January 2013



MOTIVATION FOR 5:30AM WODS: What motivates me is mainly the people I workout with. All the members of Maxability are great but you gotta be a special kind of crazy to wake up that early in the morning to workout.

YOUR DAUGHTER AND TRAINING: Addison has a lot of my qualities in the sense that she is constantly active and on the move. As a parent I feel that it is good to expose your child to many different experiences and what better than sports performance. She hasn’t found a connection with one particular sport, but has found a home at Maxability because it makes her stronger both physically and mentally. Being healthy is a lifestyle, a mindset and a life long journey. If we can instill in her the importance of being healthy at a young age, it will be easier for her to continue throughout her life. I do enjoy when she comes home and tells me that the workout was hard, but she had fun. The workouts are tough and it’s important for her not to back down and be pushed and supported to do her very best.

PROGRESS SINCE SHOULDER SURGERY: Progress has been slow, but steady. In the process I have become a member of the MOD SQUAD. It took some time in accepting this role but after conversations with several members at the gym and Tim, I realized it is important to get into the gym as often as possible and get a good workout in rather than RX-ing workouts, pushing too hard and re-injuring myself.

DUMONT COMMUNITY: I have been part of the Dumont community for the past 15 years and seeing my “Dumont extended family” now at Maxability is wonderful. It is great having so many of them here. I have known Sean since he was 6 years old. Sean is focused and driven and has really connected with the community at Maxability and seeing his mom so dedicated and driven, I know makes him proud. Dege and the Vietri’s are 3 of the greatest kids in the Dumont athletic programs. They are all very coachable and do anything a coach would ask them. Having them all at Maxability inspires me to be the best version of myself.

WHY MAXABILITY: As a soccer coach in Dumont, we brought our team to Maxability in the winter of 2012 to get stronger and faster. I would go occasionally to support the players and see some of the workouts. I also saw how Tim and Lanny brought the team together. Tim always mentioned the community aspects of CrossFit and I saw it myself and the effect it had on my athletes. Being a member peaked my interest and I am so glad I joined.

THOUGHTS ON THE NEW FACILITY: There are so many things that I love about the new space. I feel very privileged to have been part of seeing the transformation, and Tim’s vision becoming a reality. The space is just incredible, it’s tough to pick just one thing. The light fixtures that Lanny and I cleaned by hand are incredible. And I really enjoy the peep hole into the women’s bathroom.

FAVORITE MOVEMENTS: Back/front squats and deadlifts

LEAST FAVORITE MOVEMENTS: I’m not a fan of wall balls or box jumps. I usually scale these movements so that I keep moving in the workout. I may choose a lighter weight ball or a 20 inch box.

SHORT TERM GOALS: My short term goals are really to eat well and get a good workout in on a daily basis. My motto is to “win the day.”  If I can eat well, it makes going to the gym easier and gets the ball rolling in the right direction.

LONG TERM GOALS: Just to be healthy and active. As a kid growing up I was always playing sports and running around outside as I got older that slowed down. I just want to be a good role model to my daughter of living a healthy lifestyle.

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