Written by: Robyn Lynch

Date posted: March 23, 2016

AGE: 33

START DATE: June 2015


PROFESSION: Quality Manager

ATHLETIC BACKGROUND: Almost no athletic background. I am terrible at sports. I tried going to regular gyms and found them boring because you have to do things on your own. I tried getting a personal trainer but ended up getting injured. Running was the only thing I liked before I found CF.

HOW DID YOU FIND CF? I saw a groupon for Maxability and had no idea what it was. But I saw the website and it looked interesting so I decided to try it out. I remember my first class was confusing because there were so many acronyms that I didn’t understand. Being new to the U.S., I already found it hard to communicate with others and learning CF lingo was like learning a new language! But the coaches were extremely helpful and gave me the extra help that I needed. I don’t remember the exact WOD I did for my first class, but I know that wall balls were involved because I could barely walk the next day.

WHY DID YOU UP FOR THE OPEN? I had the mentality that the Open was only for people that RX workouts but that isn’t the case. Coach Tim explained that anyone can do it because the WODs can be scaled. And after seeing many of the Maxability members signed up, regardless of their level of fitness, that really encouraged me to sign up as well.

FAVORITE MEMORIES FROM THE OPEN: 16.1 because it was my first Open WOD and I was happy to be a part of it. I also enjoyed seeing people RX and get their first bar MUs.

WHY MAXABILITY? The environment here is the best. Since my first day, the coaches made me feel welcomed and the members are so friendly. Even when I am tired from work, I still come because the energy from the members is contagious. Each day is different and I am always learning something new. The coaches are very patient teaching us the skills needed to do the movements correctly. They are also patient in helping us choose the best scaled version of the WODs depending on our individual strengths and abilities.

FAVORITE MOVEMENTS: Movements involving squats and running.

LEAST FAVORITE MOVEMENTS: The movements that demand shoulder flexibility like OHS and anything shoulder to overhead.

SHORT TERM GOALS: Jump on a 20″ box. I’m still scared of missing it and hitting my shins.

LONG TERM GOALS: I want to be able to do a real pull up.

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