Written by: Robyn Lynch

Date posted: March 9, 2016

AGE: 27

START DATE: April 2013

WOD TIME: I’ve made multiple appearances at every WOD time. I am a drifter.

PROFESSION: Jokes and bikes

WHY MAXABILITY: Because I’ve never been anywhere else and I’ve become too comfortable to uproot myself and adapt to a new environment. Also, because the coaches are knowledgeable in every aspect of fitness and they genuinely care about your progress and well-being. Not to mention, the community and support system they’ve created are very powerful. When the dead start rising from their graves and begin wandering the streets hunting for human flesh, I wouldn’t want to fend for my life with any group other than the people of Maxability. And not just because I’ll know who the weakest ones are in case we have to make a sacrifice. But, yeah, mostly because I’m too lazy to go elsewhere.

IMPORTANCE OF COMPETITOR’S WOD: By participating in the Comp WOD/Open Box, I’ve noticed major improvements, from technique to strength to endurance, in my everyday workouts. I’m hoping these changes will benefit me in The Open by ranking me amongst the top 3000 fittest people in the region. Also, the additional programming of the competitor’s WOD has afforded me the ability to eat much more pizza without losing my abs. Highly recommended.

WHY DIDN’T YOU JOIN CF IMMEDIATELY AFTER ON-RAMP? I was a poor, poor man that couldn’t afford the membership. But, then, I realized I was going to shatter my entire back if I kept attempting deadlifts without proper guidance. So, being the brilliant mathematician that I am, I did some fancy financial footwork, rearranged some funds, and invested in my future. Basically, I stopped paying rent. You have to live in your body before you can live in your home.

SHORT-TERM GOALS: Squat clean 300 lbs and squat snatch 225 lbs.

LONG-TERM GOALS: Push press my car and hold it over my head so I can walk away with it if I’m ever stuck in traffic.

FAVORITE MOVEMENTS: Snatches, Wall Balls, Squat Cleans, MUs, Child’s Pose

FAVORITE CF MEMORY: 1. When Tim cried at the grand opening. 2. When Lanny admitted he almost cried in his blog post about him running the marathon and almost giving up. 3. When I considered crying during 14.5.

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