Written by: Robyn Lynch

Date posted: December 17, 2015

AGE: 17

START DATE: June 2015

WOD TIME: Mostly 5:30 AM or whenever I can make it

OCCUPATION: High School student

HOW DID YOU FIND MAXABILITY? I found Maxability through my high school soccer coach. My team used to train here during the off-season.

HOW DO YOU FEEL ABOUT BEING THE YOUNGEST MEMBER AT MAXABILITY? Overall, the members have been extremely welcoming and have only improved my experience everyday when I work out. Working out with people who are older than me has definitely given me the push I need and to also hold myself to higher standards.

WHAT’S IT LIKE HAVING YOUR MOM AT THE GYM? Growing up, my mom has always instilled the importance of fitness in my life. She has always supported me in all my activities: soccer, football, baseball, etc. So when she asked me if it would be okay if she joined Maxability with me, the only thing I could do is support her in her decision. Working out with my mom has a positive effect on me and I find it to be motivational. Not many single parents are able to find time to improve their health and overall fitness, but my mom has and I am very proud of her for that.

DO YOU WISH YOU FOUND MAXABILITY SOONER? Absolutely. I feel the possibilities as an athlete could have been endless if I began training at Maxability at a younger age. Working out at a training facility and doing CF obviously builds important staples to fitness like strength and flexibility, but most importantly, it helps develop structural integrity and improves the weaknesses in your body. In doing so, you become the fittest version of yourself and therefore the best athlete you can be.

BIGGEST LEARNING EXPERIENCE THUS FAR: My biggest learning experience thus far is that it takes time to improve in CrossFit. It can be very frustrating as an athlete when you aren’t able to do a certain movement, especially when people around you make it look so easy. I’ve learned that what you need in order to improve is hard work and patience. If not, you’re just wasting your time getting frustrated. Just put in the work and get it done.

LONG TERM GOAL: My long term goal is to continue to improve my fitness as I get older and to compete.

SHORT TERM GOAL: Be competitive in this year’s Open for the teen division.

FAVORITE MOVEMENT: My favorite movement is the clean. I personally like all of the Olympic lifts because they take a lot of athleticism and strength, and there are always ways that you can improve.  But I like the clean the most because I feel as if it’s my best lift.

LEAST FAVORITE AND WHY: My least favorite movement is the thruster. I don’t like thrusters because I have a hard time keeping my elbows up when front squatting since I have poor shoulder mobility. So basically whenever I see thrusters on the board, I dread the workout.

WHY MAXABILITY? I chose Maxability because of the coaches and the community. The coaches here are truly knowledgeable in all things fitness and hold every athlete to high standards. This makes everyone workout to their highest potential and, most importantly, in the correct way. Also the community at Maxability is very welcoming and they definitely motivate you to become the best athlete you can be.

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