Written by: Robyn Lynch

Date posted: December 3, 2015

AGE: 40

START DATE: Aug. 2013


PROFESSION: Computer Programmer

BIGGEST “A-HA” MOMENT IN CROSSFIT: My first “A-ha” moment was being able to read and keep track of the WODs without getting confused! Counting your reps and rounds while doing a WOD takes a while to get used to. The coaches do a good job of explaining the workouts and answering any questions you may have but there is nothing like forgetting which round you are on in a 10 round chipper! Another “A-ha” moment was getting the kipping motion down. It is essential when you have to do a lot of pull-ups, TTBs, or MUs. Having a good kipping motion allows you to work through those movements faster.

WHAT IS YOUR DIET LIKE? I’ve always been slim so I never had to diet to lose weight. If anything, I do protein shakes to help me bulk up and retain muscle. Being a part of Maxability helped me to understand how your diet impacts your performance. I’ve definitely been more conscious about what I eat but I don’t “diet” or eat Paleo.

QUESTIONS ASKED BY NON-CROSSFITTING FRIENDS: Most of my friends ask me if CrossFit is hard and are intimidated by the workouts. To them, it’s like CrossFit is an elite Marine-style workout that only the fittest can accomplish. I tell them of course it’s hard, it’s supposed to be! I also tell them that the WODs, while challenging, can be scaled to meet your level of strength. Performing a workout “Rx” can be a real accomplishment. As for intimidation, I tell them that if they are scared to do something, whether it is getting in shape or in life, they will never reach their full potential! Dropping gems on em!

HOW DID YOU FIND MAXABILITY? I googled it! I started working out to get in shape for my wedding and it wasn’t working for me. Planning my own workouts and trying to coordinate with a friend to meet up at the gym was tedious with mixed results. I heard about CF through a friend who lives out of state so I searched for one and there was Maxability! It was close to my house and I wanted something new so I emailed Tim, came to the first class and I have loved it and haven’t stopped since.

SHORT TERM GOAL: I want to string together 50 or more unbroken DUs. I have the movement and now it’s just a matter of confidence. I need to work on my flexibility. Mobilizing is not my favorite thing to do but at this point it’s starting to impact how much I can lift. I also want to be able to do butterfly CTB pull-ups before the next open.

LONG TERM GOAL: Any overhead lift is hard for me, whether it be a squat snatch, HSPU, or a push press. This goes back to my flexibility and being able to lock out my elbows with my armpits forward.

FAVORITE MOVEMENT: Pull-ups, rope climbs, MUs

LEAST FAVORITE MOVEMENT: Squat snatches and thrusters

WHY MAXABILITY: I am so glad that I started at Maxability. The two most important things to me are the coaches and the community. At Maxability, the coaches are always there to give you individual attention if needed. They get to know what you are efficient at, what needs work and where you can improve. One of the things that amazes me about the coaching staff is their ability to tell each person what weight or rep scheme they should attempt during a WOD if you’re unsure of what to use. As for the community, I always look forward to walking into the gym and greeting the other members because everyone is so nice. At any point, you can walk up to a member and talk to them about the WOD, talk about how long they have been at Maxability and have a great conversation. Tim and Robyn have created a great environment through social events as well as partnered workouts that allow you to get to know one another a lot better. Knowing that there are other people just like you that are working hard to achieve their goals really makes a difference when you don’t feel like working out and you need that extra push.

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