Written by: Robyn Lynch

Date posted: November 19, 2015

AGE: 34

START DATE: I think March or April of 2013…not too sure

WOD TIME: 5:30 AM, but recently 6:30/7:30 PM (Sorry morning crew. I still love y’all)

PROFESSION: Senior Sales Operations Associate at Samsung Electronics. I think I know what you might ask next.  Just hit me up 😉

SHORT TERM GOAL: Look hot for my future boo.

LONG TERM GOAL: Stay looking hot for my future boo. I would also like to be more consistent and hang in there with the top athletes at our box.

LEAST FAVORITE MOVEMENT: I truly dislike deadlifts. It’s a movement I struggle with especially when we have to do it for high reps. In general, I struggled with a lot of the Olympic lifts, but I learned to appreciate it more with the way the coaches have been programming our weekly workouts. I still dislike deadlifts though haha. I will practice harder and learn to love deadlifts.

FAVORITE MOVEMENT: I like doing pull ups. I’m sure people probably caught me monkeying around on the rig doing “corn on the cobb.” It’s a real thing look: https://www.youtube.com/watch?v=4cv6tC7sPUY

WHY MAXABILITY: Why?? Did you see my age above? I’m fracking 34!  A lot of people think I’m 26-27. Despite my Asian genes, I have Maxability to largely thank for keeping me in shape and looking young. Before finding Maxability, I used to be a gym rat doing meathead things. I’d spend a lot of time lifting weights, but kept making excuses to skip cardio. I would get big, but I didn’t look or feel that fit. I even practiced Muay Thai and BJJ for a bit to stay in shape. I respect both of these disciplines deeply, but I’d run into the issue of losing muscle.  So then I’d have to find extra time to lift weights to prevent that. For someone who is not going to be a cage fighter and works a regular 9-5, that is a lot of time commit to stay in shape. I always questioned how I can achieve a well-balanced body. When I found Maxability, I found the answer all under one roof. The fitness activities that I mentioned above are only a few of the many things I have tried. But none of these come close to what Maxability provides. The WODs are always well planned out. I always leave feeling challenged, satisfied and accomplished. And all the workouts seem like they are planned with a bigger picture in mind. It’s like the head coach/owner, Tim, is doing this Miyagi thing.

WHAT WE DON’T KNOW ABOUT VINCE: Most people who don’t know me usually think I’m just quiet or a jerk. Probably because I don’t smile much or keep to myself if I don’t know people around me. Chloa actually mentioned to me that when she first saw me after morning WOD that she didn’t know what to think. She thought I looked mean. But C’MON yooo!  I just got done working out 5:30 in the morning. Vince Min is a phenomenal dancer. No…none of that jabbawockee stuff. If there’s good hip hop music, good booze and the mood is right, he can’t be stopped. All three factors must coexist for this to happen. Please DO NOT request him to dance.

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