Written by: Robyn Lynch

Date posted: November 12, 2015

AGE: 29

START DATE: Oct 2014



ROWING IN COLLEGE & CF: When my hands ripped during my first On-Ramp workout, Cindy, I figured rowing and CF might be more similar than I thought. The obvious similarity is that they both demand that you find your own personal pain cave, and learn to love time spent dwelling in it. But I think ultimately what sold me on CF in general, and Maxability in particular, was the community, which reminded me so much of rowing. Like rowers, CrossFitters can seem an odd bunch to outsiders…there’s all of the crazy equipment, lots of acronyms and spandex, and an obsessive quality to our pursuit of improvement. Rowers are always trying to coax that last split second of speed out of the boat, just like now when I’m always trying to figure out how the hell some people make gymnastics movements look so easy. When I studied abroad, rowing was the common thread that helped me bond with new people and adjust to my new surroundings. Now when I travel, I’m always excited to try local CF affiliates – I love meeting new people and getting fresh perspectives on movements and workouts. The competitiveness and intensity is what attracted me to both rowing and CF, but the community is what keeps me going – even on gymnastic days.

WHY MAXABILITY: This is really repetitive of everyone else’s responses, but that’s because it’s true – the coaches that Maxability are really special. They take an interest in every athlete at every level and know how to motivate us to push ourselves out of our comfort zones, while making sure we perform the movements safely and with proper technique. It’s a combination you don’t find at every gym, and makes the box a great community where everyone is supportive of one another, whether you’re the first or the last to finish a WOD.

SHORT TERM/LONG TERM GOAL: Get better at some bodyweight movements (HSPUs, stringing pull-ups and TTB)

FAVORITE MOVEMENTS: DUs, Wall Balls, most things with a barbell

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