Written by: Robyn Lynch

Date posted: November 5, 2015

AGE: 22

START DATE: March 2014

WOD TIME: 6:30 AM unless I oversleep which happens often

PROFESSION: Manager for a Staffing Agency

WHY CROSSFIT & NOT A ‘REGULAR GYM’: Although I pay a good amount of money for CrossFit, I think it’s hands down worth every penny. When people ask me why I pay for CrossFit as opposed to paying $20 a month for a regular gym, I see CrossFit as basically going to a “$20 a month gym” and having a private trainer everyday. Even when you’re in a class of 20 people, the coaches still take time to focus on each person and their weaknesses. You won’t find that at any regular gym. That and being able to workout out everyday with people who eventually become your friends and people who push you to do better even when you secretly want to beat them, beats working out alone any day.

WHY MAXABILITY: One of the reasons I think a lot of people choose Maxability is because of the atmosphere. The coaches are great, the people are cool and it makes working out fun. Before Maxability, I tried a free class at another CrossFit facility and it just didn’t do it for me.  But as soon as I walked into Maxability, I knew it was where I’d fit. The coaches actually care to see you do better and PR and I like that. They also know the perfect balance between being able to joke around with you but still taking the workout seriously. The coaches cared from when I first started and I could barely do a pull-up and the only thing I could do was run up until now when I can RX workouts. Everyone at the gym is great. They always quickly introduce themselves if you’ve never met and even if they haven’t done that yet, they’ll be the first ones cheering you on during a WOD.

SHORT TERM GOALS: Get a muscle-up. I got a jumping muscle up down so it has to be somewhere around the corner. I would also like to get better at barbell movements.

FAVORITE MOVEMENTS: Running, HSPUs, Box Jumps and more running. I’m a big fan of body weight movements.

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