Written by: Robyn Lynch

Date posted: October 16, 2015

AGE: 39

START DATE: Nov 2012



HOW CF HELPS WITH WEIGHT LOSS JOURNEY: Prior to joining Maxability I had lost 40 lbs by being more active and eating better. The goal at the time was to stay fit and keep the weight I lost off. Since joining CF in 2012, I lost another 15 lbs and now fluctuate in a healthy range. While I appreciate that my wife and kids noticed the muscle definition at first, CF and Maxability has helped me better understand health and fitness and see it in a better way.

CROSSFIT AND FAMILY: My wife and kids also train at Maxability. We can now make CrossFit a family discussion. Sharing our passions together makes life more enjoyable and simpler too. Our family bonds over many things, including CrossFit and we try to incorporate the teamwork mentality into many aspects of our lives. The coaches at Maxability teach all of us how to be a team player AND push ourselves while still encouraging our competitive edge to keep us going. The Maxability family makes me and my family better.

MOST MEMORABLE MOMENT: There have been a few memorable moments at the box that come to mind. The first was in the 2014 CF Games Open, WOD 14.2 … I did my first RX OHS and continued to do 10 more in that WOD. That was big for me especially since I was expecting to get 0. The second was in the past CF Games Open. WOD 15.1b was a 1 rep Max Clean & Jerk. Again, while I might not have posted a world record score, the 175lbs (and the 180lb rep that had the classic “Ary Shakes” but could not lock out)  was a good 20lbs more than I would have estimated before actually doing it.

One of the great things about CrossFit is each person can have their own memorable moment and achievements and it can be completely different than the person working next to them at the same time. You are competing and working together all the time. You compete against yourself, even if you think you are competing against others and everyone pushes you further.

WHY CROSSFIT MAXABILITY: Maxability seemed special from the first day of on ramp. The coaches all focus on technique and proper movement versus just doing heavier weight or doing more reps. You can feel the sense of community from everyone, the coaches and the athletes, and it makes it more fun when you enjoy the people you are around.

WEAKNESSES: My weakest movements are anything overhead – OHS, squat snatches, push presses. I’ve been trying to improve by working on my overhead mobility. I try not to get discouraged while looking at how other athletes are performing; I learn from them and keep working.

GOALS – Overall my goals are to continue to improve all around, stay fit and enjoy working out.  My short-term goal is to finally get a muscle up. The pull-ups are fine, the dips are fine, the kipping that strings the 2 together, well that’s another story.

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