Written by: Robyn Lynch

Date posted: September 30, 2015

Age: 24

Start date: Sports training the summer of 2007. Crossfit November 2013

WOD time: 6:30 or 7:30pm

Favorite WOD: DT
Favorite movement: Power cleans and shoulder to overhead

Least favorite WOD: 14.5
Least favorite movement: Anything bodyweight

Short term goal: Have a perfect air squat
Long term goal: Clean 345

Why Maxability: Maxability is where I first started lifting weights after my freshman year of football. But coming back to Maxability in 2013 the community grew into a big family. It’s a fun group of people that make you forget about the daily grind of going to the gym and makes you look forward to it. I love the friendly competition between members, it pushes me farther than I ever would training by myself.

How has it been coming from a meathead background to having to do CrossFit with all the gymnastic movements: Being around 6’5″, gymnastic movements are my biggest weakness. My lack of mobility holds me back from properly reaching depth in my air squat and from being able to do a pistol. Like the best crossfitters, I work hard on the things I’m not good at by increasing my range of motion each day.  I joined Maxability when I was around 15 years old to supplement my football and wrestling training. At the time I didn’t understand the importance of off season training, I thought I could just show up on game day and win. I wasn’t able to do a single pull-up and had a 135 one rep max bench press. I remember some of the workouts were similar to CrossFit, like “Karen” and 3 step conditioning.

Most memorable moment: Trying to get on the speed ladder leader board for the ickey shuffle.

The summer of my senior year of football I came back, but this time I brought 20 of my friends, 2 of whom are still members. This time I was a lot bigger and stronger, I had a 255 bench press and I managed to somehow get 2 strict pull-ups. Tim and his staff played a crucial role in developing 7 first team all-league players.

Most memorable moment: Tim doing a Turkish get up with a freshman as the weight.

Right before joining Maxability again, working out involved going to the gym about five times a week, doing the same boring routine. So one Saturday, Lupo went to try CrossFit at Maxability because we were thinking about trying it out. He texted Tenido and I immediately after telling us how hard it was. I responded with a bunch of questions but most importantly I asked if we’d be the strongest ones. He replied by saying the only way to find out is to join. My first CrossFit class wasn’t until November of 2013, I’ll never forget the workout, it was a triplet consisting of rope climbs, ab mat sit ups, and kettle bell swings. I was only able to get one rope climb that day. But before we moved to the new facility I completed a workout called “Tommy V” which had 27 rope climbs. I’ve improved a lot in those 2 years and I can’t wait to see where I’m at in another 2 with the help of the coaching staff at Maxability Sports and CrossFit.

Most memorable moment: 15.1 in locker room 7.

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